Find Sugar Mummy in Virginia, USA

Naniella Daniels is a 41 years old Sugar Mummy who is based in the United States of America and she is looking for a good and agile toy boy for dating, who must be under the age of 35!. From what Naniella told us, she is a divorcee and she is only interested in black strong men just like the Kardashians.

About Naniella Daniels

sugar mummy in virginia

She was born in Virginia, she travels around the globe due to the nature of her job. Hence, she has seen a lot of men of all color and race.

In her own word, Naniella said she has come across lots of guys from different background and race, but she is so in love with BLACK MEN due to their prowess when it comes to bedroom matters.

Since she has travelled a lot, she has been in South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria, and from her experience, those time in this countries will always be her best memory. The very best time of her life. When we were having a chat with her in whatsapp, Naniella said she was treated the queen of Africa, and of the 3 countries she visted, Nigerian men are the best when it comes to treating women right, next is South Africa. (I guess she didn’t meet the right Zambia men).

After her divorce, she was looking for websites that connects older women with men. Since she don’t want to ask her friends, she googled and landed on our sugar mummy site that has been connecting young strong men like me and you to older women for dating. We did have a lengthy chat on Whatapp and she is so interested in getting a younger nice strong Black man for dating.

Naniella said she wants young men who are gifted in treating women like a queen, men who have genuine respects for their women as well as themselves. She is looking for someone who can take care of her very very well more than what she experienced from her white America husband whom she is now divorced.

Why you Need Sugar Mummy in Virginia (Naniella)

When it comes to looking for sugar mummy in America, you are looking for one that is super rich. Well, not only is Naniella rich, she is wealthy. And she has promised to take any lucky person who meet her criteria to the USA to live and work there. While we were chatting, she said is she is ready to pay the lucky person well until he is  comfortable over there. Such person needs only to be at her becks and calls. Like, when it comes to bedroom matters. She expect you to perform like the black dude that you are.

Google Map of Virginia, US.

What you must know before you apply.

YOU must not be the jealous type, if you are, we begged that you do not apply. Since she travels a lot, you don’t have to be jumpy about that.

If you are looking to apply for this Sugar mummy in Virginia, you only needs to drop your contact details via the comment section or if you want to be private about it. Send it to us using this link.


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