Sugar Mummy in Texas’ USA is looking for True Love

It is a known fact that, only about 2% of the world’s population has red hair and blue eyes! And for that, I am honored to be a beauty to behold! I’m a divorcee with four beautiful and wonderful kids and one of them was lucky enough to have my attributes! Red hair and great blue eyes! And they (my children are the best part of my life. Only women with children will understands the true feelings of a mother and her kids.

suger mummy in texas

Sugar Mummy in Texas

I have worked as a Nurse in Texas for more than 24 yrs. And guess what? I so love been a Nurse! Taking care of people is what I know how to do best! I am a passionate person both in public and in the private side of my life. And if you you are looking for sugar mummy in Texas, then I want you to know that, been a passionate person myself, I am looking for a passionate young man that can keep me satisfied with a fulfilling relationship and reward (wink).

What I look for in a Young Man

As a Nurse, I have been around intelligent and educated men and I find them very attractive, you will agree with me that communication is the base and foundation of a successful relationship.

I am looking for that person who will care for me, care for my curves and my tender fragile heart <3. I don’t want to suffer another heart break. My now divorced husband left me to chase after a young girl, so I am left with myself and the kids all night long.

I am a very jealous person, so I want to be cherished, adored, worship and loved. I am not looking for a workaholic for friendship. I quit with my recent boyfriend just because He has little to no time for me. I just want to be adore and can see the man of my dream in my bed every other night.

Allow me to add some other qualities. (A girl has her own rights, right?) I am also looking for an adventurous young man that is wise, kind and playful. Those three qualities are keypoint of what I am looking for in a relationship! Oh, I find educated, intelligent and kind man very sexy!

Plus, a gentleman that has a sense of humor, I love to laugh and play hide and seek 9If you know what I mean). I love fishing and would be so happy to to find a fishing partner and a lover!
When we are getting started, I want you know this, I love to smile. And I am a sucker for smiles!. If you smile at me, trust me, you are getting a dozen loads back!

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Please, make sure you have your real picture on your profile before applying. Did I mention that there will be loads of bonus for been my one and only lover? I won’t bother about replies with no pictures!

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