Sugar Mummy in Ohio Looking for a Young Man for Friendship

Every woman in their life wants a man who loves them until their last breath. I am a woman searching for a man in Ohio. I am very mature women, and I love making delicious food for my family and friends, but right now I am in search of a man whom I can love eternally. I am not in need of a man who cares for my beauty or admires my beauty whole day. Because beauty doesn’t really matter for me, there are lots of fascinating things about me which I think you must know.

Sugar Mummy in Ohio

My hobbies- Sugar Mummy in Ohio

  • Painting- I just love making the painting, and I had made the very beautiful drawing for decorating my house. I use my talent to decorate my house and don’t waste money in buying pretty things. I make portraits as well. I have a dream to meet my prince charming and make his portrait to show him my affection and love. But I have not yet got my prince charming in Ohio. When I feel sad, I do not disturb peoples, and I would just sit in my room and make paintings for several hours to keep myself calm
  • Talk less- you may think what kind of hobby is this but believe it or not, I have this hobby. I believe that even without using less word you can express your love for someone. I talk less and speak only necessary. This doesn’t mean that I don’t joke or laugh. I am not so boring, and if anyone asks me something, I reply them politely and in a manner that it does not hurt them.
  • Singing- this is another hobby, but I am not a very good singer. My voice might not be the best, but I still sing. I sing to make myself happy, so the voice does not matter a lot. Whenever I hear music I can’t control myself I too start singing and dance as well.

I know my hobbies are not so impressive. But I know that a man whom I love will get impressed from me. I want a guy who does not have lots of quality in him but have few qualities like- he must have tall height but not a bodybuilding type, he should be caring and little strict, he must have faith and respect for my family.

If I could find any Black strong and young man in Ohio with this quality then I could spend my life happily with him for rest of my life. And I know that many of the guys have these qualities in them. Love is also a quality that all men have but their way to express it is different so I won’t talk about it. I will wait and understand a person well as I am not a rush type girl who would just fall for a guy if he simply says- ‘I love you.’ I will never disappoint the men who respect and care for me a lot, but I wonder when I will meet him.

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