41 Years old Rich California Sugar Mummy Phone Number

Introduction of Bridget, A Rich Sugar Mummy in California: I am very caring and loving personality. I believe in simple lifestyle and do not like to show off. I live with my family in California. It is a beautiful golden state of the US full of lively people and incredible state of architecture. I love this place and don’t want to live anywhere else, but I like to travel and meet new people. Meeting with new people fill me with new energy. I don’t shy talking to new people.

Sugar Mummy in California

I am a cheerful girl and try to keep everyone happy in any situation. I love to crack some jokes and have fun with my friends. I am a little bit lazy especially when I have to go out in family functions. I am not a party lover. I hate going to crowded places and love to enjoy at the peaceful places. I can be boring sometime and don’t like to talk much with anyone, even with my close ones.

My Skills – I love Drawing!

I have some good drawing skills and love to draw anime. I am the great fan of Japanese anime. Music and dancing is my friend of loneliness. I enjoy making short stories mostly the romantic ones and hoping that I will soon get my true love. Whatever I do, I do it with full of my heart and soul and try to do the best. I don’t hurt people intentionally and always think of them before myself.

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I have so many friends with whom I can share everything. But nobody can spend the whole life with family and friends, and at a particular stage of life, we all need a person who completes us. I too need that person and thus looking for a man who can be a part of rest of my life. I look for maturity in man and good understanding. I don’t need a man who is egoistic and cannot compromise. A self-centered person who always wants to do what he thinks is right is not the man of my choice.

What I want in a Man

I want a man who is open-minded and don’t take decisions in a hurry. He should be honest with his words and action. I hate liars and those who play with a feeling of girls. He should be sensitive and take things seriously. I hate those who don’t give time to their family and friends and gives high importance to their work. I need someone who can balance both personal and professional life well without hurting other’s feelings.

He should have a sense of humor and presence of mind. I need someone who doesn’t appraise my outer beauty but should see my inner beauty because I believe in doing the same. A rich man who looks good but doesn’t know how to treat a girl can never be my choice. I appreciate those who show care and love through their actions and not by words. When I trust someone, I do it with my heart and want a man who can do the same.

Finally, Meet the Sugar Mummy in California

I believe in simple and healthy lifestyle and want to spend my life with someone who can match to my thoughts to some extent and ready to show his true feelings. The one who is handsome, but smart, intelligent, have the good heart, open minded and have the above qualities is the one for me. Connect with me here.

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