Wealthy sugar mummy in Malaysia Looking for African Men

Wealthy sugar mummy in Malaysia: Hi everyone, I am an easy going woman from Texas, expecting a charming man to accompany me and must fulfill my major needs. In general, I am the best chatterbox and great accompanied with my friends circle. On that basis, I am very sure that I have all the potential to satisfy the major needs of my man if he does so. If he showers his full love towards me means then I am sure, I will return back the same love to him much better than he gave. I will act as a better half to him; he can take me wherever he wants. As I am a flexible woman, it is easy for me to adapt in any kind of places. The main reason I am looking for a perfect man for me is because, I am a child of a rich business man and my mom is also involved in my father’s business. I was grown up in the hands of servants only; my parents are always busy with their work, so they never care about me and my life.

Wealthy sugar mummy in malaysia

Effective factors:

Even though I have been surrounded by many people, but those people will never approach towards me as a friend, they will always maintain a distance from me is mainly because of my parents. So I have decided to throw away all those issues and brand from me and I am really now looking for a man, who must act as the best companion for me throughout my life. Basically, I am a type of person, who never lies, so I will also expect my man not to lie even for funny things. I will never come to a conclusion easily, before that I will ask for a suggestion to elder people or to my experienced friends for the better outcome. I love to walk on a beach for long hours; it is mainly because I believe that a couple will be more exposed and feels romantic during that time. I am a non-smoker and non-drinker but I am not expecting my man to be like that, he can do whatever he likes, but there is a limit to everything and he must maintain that limit.

Major details:

I am 155 cm in height and 58 kg in weight. I regularly workout and maintain my physique in a good shape. I am also expecting my partner to be in a great shape. There is no need of being a body builder, instead, have to maintain a healthy physique and great health. Basically, I am a foodie and I love to eat all kind of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. I usually allow my man to kiss me at any time and anywhere he wants. But I will allow him for a sexual relationship only when I am comfortable. Mostly, during night time, I will allow him to have sex with me. Apart from the night, whenever I am comfortable with my body and mood, I will convey him and we can proceed further.

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